Diaries Downunder

I’ve been working as the DOP/Director for Diaries Downunder over the past four years.

Diaries Downunder showcases Queenstown New Zealand with all of it’s adventure tourism and amazing scenery.

We bring in International Professional Snowboarders and Mountain bikers and take them into the depths of this beautiful part of the country and show them why we believe Queenstown is the most action packed town in the world.

Here are some of The recent Diaries Downunder episodes

Although we don’t get as much snow as the northern hemisphere, we have endless peaks and if you are prepared to wait, even on the worst seasons the opportunities for Heli trips are always there.

To add to the snow we have access to extra adventure tourism activities setup in and around Queenstown. These activities give our series a truly unique angle and show that Queenstown New Zealand is very unique in itself.

Filming and Editing Diaries Down Under is something I’m really passionate about. It’s my link to the sport that I grew up with, and hopefully will continue to enjoy being involved for a long time to come.

Diaries Down Under goes out to  hundreds of thousands of web viewers from all over the globe every year as well as playing on inflight with Air New Zealand and on Television in Australia and New Zealand.