I’ve spent a good amount of time shooting time-lapses, ever since Ben Ryan and Chris Thompson from SYRP started to test out their product the Genie.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the first year of testing the product.  I was not experienced in this field at all, but perhaps for that reason I made the perfect candidate for testing the game changing motion control video and time-lapsing device.

I learnt How to shoot time-lapses from Ben, plus good old trial and error. The device itself made it so easy to understand the process.

Simply by knowing..

-How long I wanted to capture the moment for.

I could play with the other three variables ..


-Distance  (of which the genie will travel along a slider or on the panning accessory)

-length of the finished product.

By changing any of  above four variables, the genie calculates everything for me and alters the associated variables to show me what my changes mean to the overall product. Basically taking out all of the guess work.

If you use time-lapse photography in your work, or perhaps you’re just looking for a fluid motion control video shot, the Genie is a hard one to beat.

Here are a few of the Time-lapses that I’ve shot in the past few years while shooting Diaries Downunder, Japan Journals and Night Fury