Tokyo Times

We arrived into Tokyo on the 1st of March and it was all go.  There’s no way to escape the masses once you’re here, we were re-awakened by the craziness, starting off with the train ride to Ikebukuro.


_Z2A8337Jake after the long haul


We opted for the easy way out this time and got on the bullet train, I had 3 large bags, a camera bag and computer bag and was carrying over 70kg’s of luggage. The others were also carrying their fair share of weight and bags, making the JR line too much work with it’s clogged carriages of sleeping face mask wearing Tokyo commuters.

_Z2A8344Luggage for days


We got straight into it. Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku were the locations we had in mind, and we were testing out the new body mount that Chris from SYRP and myself had put together. I had an idea of what I wanted, and It came together pretty well. It’s been good working with mates, they are keen to help and have really got involved.



Nick strapped up with the doodle cam

Ben and myself have been busy time lapsing and shooting the night in Tokyo as that will play a part in the intro also. Late nights and long days take it out of you but I feel we got everything we needed and more.


Shinjuku from up high


Humanoid Robots, these things are the old versions apparently, fully mobile, with advanced recognition functions


Jake checking out some robot anatomy

_Z2A0459View of the base of the Tokyo Sky tree, tallest building in the world.

_Z2A0472Connor and Jake hard at work, while the SYRP  Genie powers on in the back ground.