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I’m a Cinematographer/DOP  based out of Queenstown New Zealand and have been on the books since 2011.  I’m passionate about telling stories and working on all aspects of film production.

Although I now shoot content for a  broader spectrum of industries, I’ve spent a lot of my life in the mountains which is where I started out after winding down a career as a professional snowboarder. For 10 years I was following winter between New Zealand, America, Europe, Japan and India and have become a specialist in cold alpine environments.

I started out shooting short documentaries with a little web and tvc work, but have since focused more on tvc’s with some adventure racing, fashion, drama and documentary thrown in there to keep me busy.

I have experience working amongst various scales of production, from smaller, mid and large budget  web advertising/tvcs  for Air New Zealand, Ice Breaker, Apple, IOC,  Aston Martin, Audi, Emirates, Jetstar, Rydges,  Descente, The Northface, Burton, RedBull  etc.  To reality tv, Netflix, and a little experience on feature films.

I own and operate two Red Cameras, and have plenty of experience with Canon and Arri, have many years of experience in motion time-lapsing, am often operating drone camera for my friends at Overview   and am one of the few in the world who can confidently say I can track a subject/gimbal operate on snow in any conditions and on all terrain.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.

email     heathpattersonfilm@gmail.com

phone    +64 212658513

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