The Kill-Off

We’ve been amongst the night for a while now.

Energy is depleting and motivation is dying, but we’re almost there. It feels like we never rest.

There is something very different about filming and living at night, the most obvious factor is the lack of sun and daylight. We see natural light for about 2 hours everyday and most of that time we’re hustling to get up to the next location before dark. It’s a constant struggle and the work has taken it’s toll on the riders.

Billy Hayman Blew his shoulder out on his first run before filming at Hirafu ski resort.

Jake has most likely broken his knee and rolled his ankle



Connor is the most recent victim to ‘Night Fury’.  He was in search of a fresh landing off one of our jumps two nights ago, and found it, just before ploughing into a tree. He came off lucky with a seriously swollen thigh. He’s very lucky he didn’t brake his Femur or worse.


Connor speeding toward the tree


The view from the top of Connor’s tree jump


So it’s just Nick Brown and myself left now. We’ve had Nick Hyne and Mahi Mains come along on some of the recent shoots so that Browna has someone to ride with. Mahi and Nick are bringing a bit more energy to the shoots, and it’s been fun to film with them.


Mahi Mains is getting amongst the darkness


Browna’s still ticking along. The sole focus is to get the riding shots we need now. The story has been filmed, and is looking pretty good. Killing the riders off has been the most fun we’ve had so far. We’ve been using the cable cam a little and some other ideas to produce a real feel to the horror that is’ Night Fury’.


Browna don’t scare easily



Browna’s face says it all,  5 Mush at midnight, time for Red Bull