2018 Started With Bang!!

To Start off the year I have decided to funnel all finances from saving for a house  into camera equipment.  A wise financial decision on my part… camera gear and electronics don’t depreciate much do they?

So now I’ve surrounded myself with pelican cases, and made something that used to be very simple  just that little bit more technical. On a more positive note though, I actually enjoy being a little flustered , I think it brings out the best in me. As long as there is coffee, I’ll shake my way through the day unscathed and might even see something I previously would have over looked if I were finding it all to easy.

New Purchases…….

Red Epic Dragon 6k Camera kit, I have a substantial kit that includes the EF Motion mount, enough media to blow the budget of most productions , heaps of battery life both V-lock and Red-Volt, and all the other must haves. Its an amazing camera!


The latest and greatest DJI Pro Gimbal. This bad boy carries 30lbs/13.6kg, which is scary as hell considering that I then carry that load.

I’ve already shot two days for Redbull at Farm Jam in the South of New Zealand in a some what Run-n-gun fashion with no Easy-Rig or 3rd party support and didn’t brake my back. I admit my arms were sore, I was exhausted, but to be honest I shot the previous far Jam with the original Ronin and a Sony FS7 and found it much more taxing because I couldn’t put the thing down and you count lock the motors. The new Ronin 2 is a superior gimbal and made life pretty easy for how heavy the payload was.

Canon CN-E Glass

I thought its about time I got some Cine Glass, I’m starting out with the basics, so not getting carried away, but already I can appreciate the shift in quality from stills glass. The main reason I went with Canon is because they colour match with my existing L series Zoom lenses.   I already love them, and look forward to using them on my upcoming work in 2018.


Sachtler Flowtech 75 MS Tripod with ACE XL Head

Light, easy to carry, more functional and sensible than any tripod I’ve ever had. Enough said.