2015 Winter Transitional work

We started this winter off with a bang. This first project for Air New Zealand started shooting closer to the end of summer, but was aimed at building some hype for Queenstown’s 2015 winter and finished shooting in June.

While showing the seasonal changes in the Wakatipu Basin, but more importantly the arrival of snow, I think we achieved in making an impressive time-lapse themed clip for Air New Zealand, and something a little different to Diaries Downunder’s project in the past.

It was a joint effort with the guys from syrp, who storyboarded and edited the clip. Photo Sentinel provided the long range time-lapse kits and the knowledge in setting them up. Their units are very strong, simple and surprisingly user friendly. I’m looking forward to seeing what else those guys put out in the next few years.




To add to the project Air New Zealand and Syrp suggested a behind the scenes edit, in which you can view a few extra VFX shots and long range time-lapses, not to mention myself, with what I think is possibly my ‘Can’t you see I’m busy’ expression.



As well as my recent Diaries work I was also fortunate enough to come on board as a camera operator in a Two Bearded Men project , also for Air New Zealand. This time we were shooting for another ‘Meanwhile In Nz’ edit, which came from the mind of Host’s Bob Macintosh. This was an awesome experience for myself, as I’ve been friends with the Two Bearded Men Director, Tim Pierce since my early snowboarding days. It was a cool way to catch up and see how himself and TBM Producer Toby Crawford handled the project which involved many extras and an on the fly storyline. It turned out to be a fun day behind the camera and a good day on the snow with good people.