Part 1 of shooting ‘You’re Not Alone’

Two weeks ago, after almost 6 months of preparation. The first part of  my summer project started shooting in the small Central Otago town of  St Bathins.

Vaughan Brookfield and myself travelled there earlier in the week and locked in locations. The Blue Lake area with it’s heavily sluiced, crumbling, desert look was to be one of the main locations as well as the road up toward Falls Dam.

On Saturday the 21st the crew was up early in St Bathins and ready to shoot .

The crew included Panther Claw band members, Reuben Pearce and Luke Leaf, Vaughan Brookfield who was acting as Assistant producer and Photographer, Nana Holtzmann and Charlie Makareta who were the talent, Joshua Dunn who was there to shoot the Aerials and Emma Alexandrina Golden who ran around like crazy, making the filming of the project easier for myself and everyone involved.

We started out shooting the opening scenes near Falls Dam…  20150323_4810

20150323_4770Then made our way to the Blue Lake area for a scene where Nana pretends to skins a possum, plenty of fake blood was spilt.


Shot some bits and pieces around the Blue lake area20150323_495520150323_4626Then In the great town of St Bathins for the sales pitch.


We got hold of a baby possum, very cute, massive claws. This little girl possum is one of the locals pets.


The weather was perfect, nice and gloomy with not too much rain, I feel we got pretty lucky considering there was a cyclone looming just off the coast.


Big thanks to Sam and Pete at Queenstown camera cars for the dolly and track, and also to Alex and Phil Turner for the amazing skeletal remains and various props.

next stop… Wakatipu basin for the final evening shoot.


pics : Vaughan Brookfield